ELIM Project

ELIM Project

Equiping Leaders in Ministry Project

Equipping Church leaders intelligently for functional ministry to model Christ, growing in wisdom and statue through resourceful trainings, support and partnership.

ELIM is comprised of twelve (12) springs of resourceful projects platforms floated specifically for leaders in ministry.  Each Project target is focused to help the local church leader invest and carefully nurture his ministry, to be proudly displayed in God’s own grace and gainfully deployed in daily ministry life.

Capacity building

  • Trainings and Equipping meetings

Proving resourceful training opportunities for effective ministry, coordinating trauma healing intervention to rebuilding lives among resettling communities.

  • Regional Prayer Conferences

Networking local church fellowships for a united front through fervent prayers, engaging the body of Christ in the unity of faith for common fellowship and service.

2 Chron.7:14.

  • Minister’s Couples Day Out

Building and Restoring functional ministry and family lives through couples camping and vacation meetings for practical, spiritual activities and retreats.

  • Pastor’s Education Mission Fund

Raising scholarship support for pastors’ and missionaries' education, supporting Christian seminaries with resources and tools for better learning environment.

  • Stay Out with Missionaries (SOW Mission)

Visit and Fellowship campings with field missionary workers. Engaging, investing time and resources in practical mission life with field workers through visits, fellowship and prayers

  • Awareness and advocacy programs

Speak out programs for missions’ awareness and educative forums. Connecting the body of Christ for effective participation in kingdom expansion, collaborative support and partnership

  • Mission Exclusive

“Target Specifics” for one time project donations. Launch out initiative to help provide specific ministry need to help enhance effectiveness among local church leaders.

Ministry support Tools

  • Ministers Resource Kits (MR. KIT)

Providing useful resource bibles and book packs to equip a pastor’s library to help promote a healthy study life for intelligent ministry. 

  • Asset Ministry Tools for Missionaries.

Equipping the local church leader’s tent making skills for a resourceful and value added ministry.

  • Pastors’ Ministry and Family support

Supporting a local church workers’ family productively and ministry work with needed tools for a better advantage and efficiency.

  • Greenhouse/Aquaponics for mission group

Resourcing front line worker for asset ministry ventures in self-sufficiency in ministry and reliable leadership.

  • Light Stream Media for Missionaries.

Networking local church leaders for effective information sharing, outreach resourcing and creating a common force for ministry.